General Tools Award for Distinguished Service to Industrial Archeology
2008 General Tools Award: Christopher Andreae

At the May 31 Annual Business Meeting in San Jose, the 2008 General Tools Award was presented to Christopher (Chris) Andreae. The combined education, career and professional accomplishments this year's recipient demonstrate an unequivocal commitment to bringing industrial archeology into sharp focus in studies of historic places. Since the 1970s, Chris has been untiring in his willingness to share his knowledge about the industrial past with students, youth, colleagues, enthusiasts, and academics. He has led fights to preserve historic industrial sites and has demonstrated the value of industrial archeology as an integral part of heritage recording and conservation strategies. Chris has been a member of the SIA since 1974 and has made significant contributions as a Director, Vice-President, President, and organizer of tours and conferences. He has been a key figure in Canadian industrial archeology through his participation in IA organizations, teaching, site studies, and publications, including the remarkable book, Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada. His scholarly work includes dozens of heritage recording studies that have set a high bar for interdisciplinary approaches and for furthering our understanding of industrial technologies, science, and economics.

The General Tools Award is the highest honor the SIA can bestow.  The award recognizes individuals who have given sustained, distinguished service to the cause of industrial archeology and is presented at the SIA’s annual business meeting. 

Criteria for selection are as follows: (1) The recipient must have given noteworthy, beyond-the-call-of-duty service, over an extended period of time, to the cause of industrial archeology.  (2) The type of service for which the recipient is recognized is unspecified, but must be for other than academic publication.  (3) It is desirable but not required that the recipient be, or previously have been, a member of the SIA.  (4) The award may be made only to living individuals.  Teams, groups, agencies, firms, or any other collective entities are not eligible. 

The General Tools Award was established in 1992 through the generosity of Gerald Weinstein [SIA], chairman of the board of General Tools Manufacturing, Inc. of New York City, and the Abraham and Lillian Rosenberg Foundation.  The Rosenbergs founded General Hardware, the predecessor to General Tools.  The award consists of a citation, a commissioned sculpture (“The Plumb Bob”), and a cash award. Previous recipients are Emory Kemp (1993), Robert Vogel (1994), Edward Rutsch (1995), Patrick Malone (1996), Margot Gayle (1997), Helena Wright (1998), Vance Packard (1999), Eric DeLony (2000), Robert Merriam (2001) and Charles Parrott (2002), Alex Barbour (2003), Charlie Hyde (2004), Lance Metz (2005), no award made in 2006, Patrick Martin (2007).

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