The Society for Industrial Archeology 2010 Annual Conference in Colorado Springs, CO
June 3-6, 2010
Industry on the Frontier

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Society for Industrial Archeology - 39th Annual Conference
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Saturday, June 5, 2010
Paper Abstracts

Carson Room
Fremont Room
9:00 am

9:00 am

Eric DeLony - State of the Historic Bridge in America-2010
Richard T. Steinbrenner – Preserving the Heritage of the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, NY
Kaitlin O'Shea - The Lake Champlain Bridge: A Landmark Lesson
Daniel K Perry - The Scranton Boys, Lackawanna Rail, and Westward Expansion
William Vermes – Design and Performance of Riveted Bridge Connections
John J Daly - The Secret Lives of Railway Signal Towers: A Revised Narrative for the Development of Interlocking Technology
Craig Holstine (presented by Eric DeLony) - Miracle of Murray Morgan, Tacoma
Jane Eva Baxter - Landscape and Labor: Multi-sited Archaeology in Chicago’s Pullman Community
10:20 am

10:30 am

Local COLOr Part 1
10:30 am
IA Everywhere Part 1
Jamie Bricker & Richard A. Goddard – Engineering the Frontier
Richard K. Anderson - Mapping of Red Mountain Park, Birmingham, Alabama
Crystal Robinson – History and Future of the Cripple Creek Mining District
Richard Greenwood - Early Steel-framed Industrial Building: The Berlin Bridge Co in Rhode Island
Wade Broadhead - Pueblo’s Steel City: Where Immigrants Forged Communities
Carol D. Litchfield - Great Salt Lake, Utah: Its history and exploitation
Ronald W. Anthony & Justin M. Spivey, P.E. - IA on the Ropes: Investigating the Hanging Flume at Uravan, Colorado
William Vermes - Wilbur Watson, Early 20th Century Bridge Architect
12 noon -2:00 pm

Luncheon, Annual General Meeting
2:30 pm

Local COLOr Part 2
2:30 pm
IA Everywhere Part 2
Katherine Scott Sturdevant - The Victor Miners’ Union Hall: Bullet-Ridden Symbol of the Colorado Labor Wars
John Johnson & Christopher Marston -  Reinventing the Waterwheel: HAER documentation of the Waterwheel Pit and Millwork at the Robbins & Lawrence Armory
Rick Sturdevant - Going Faster, Higher, and Farther:  The Aerospace Industry’s First Century on Colorado’s Front Range
Gregory Anderson - Blue Coal: The Huber Breaker as a Case Study for Ecological and Industrial Heritage Conservation in Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Region
Timothy Scarlett - Archaeology of One Frontier Industry: Ten Years of Work on the Utah Pottery Project
Jessica Montcalm - A Burning Question - Archaeology at the Davenport Pottery, Parowan, Utah
4:00 am

Patrick Martin, Peter H Stott, Patrick Malone - TICCIH, SIA and the Wider World of Global IA!

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