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Vol, 16, No. 1 (1990)

Out of Print

An Archeological Survey of Bloomery Forges in the Adirondacks by Ross F. Allen, James C. Dawson, Morris F. Glenn, Robert B. Gordon, David J. Killick, and Richard W. Ward

Artificial Refrigeration and the Architecture of 19th-Century American Breweries by Susan K. Appel

The Work of Rolling Rails in the 32" Mill at Bethlehem Steel's Lackawanna Plant: Industrial Archeology and Labor History by Thomas E. Leary

From Slaughterhouse to Soap-Boiler: Cincinnati's Meat Packing Industry, Changing Technologies, and the Rise of Mass Production, 1825-1870 by Steve C. Gordon

Bibliography of State Historic Bridge Inventories by Eric DeLony

Vol, 16, No. 2 (1990)

Out of Print

Oregon's Isaac Lee Patterson Memorial Bridge: The First Use of the Freyssinet Method of Concrete Arch Construction in the United States, 1932 by Robert W. Hadlow

Industrial Heritage Commemoration in the Canadian Parks Service: Part 1 by Robert W. Passfield

The Timber Crib Dam at Sewall's Falls by David R. Starbuck

Vol. 17, No. 1 (1991)

Out of Print

The Birth of the SIA and Reminiscences by Some of Its Founders by Charles K. Hyde

Seattle City Light's Constant-Angle Arch Dam at Diablo Canyon by Nancy Farm Mannikko

Industrial Heritage Commemoration in the Canadian Parks Service: Part II by Robert W. Passfield

Vol. 17, No. 2 (1991)

Out of Print

Machine Archeology: The John Gage Planer by Robert B. Gordon

19th-Century Charcoal Production in Vermont by Victor R. Rolando

A Useful Tool Tnrned into a Monument: Controversies over Holland's Windmills in the First Half of the 20th Century by Karel F. Mulder

Small-Scale Hydropower Development: Archeological and Historical Perspectives from Connecticut by Robert R. Gradie III and David A. Poirier

Vol. 18 , 1&2 (1992)

Out of Print

Theme issue, IA of American iron and steel
Industrial Archeology of American Iron and Steel by Robert B. Gordon

The Upper Forge at Valley Forge by Helen Schenck

All Industrial Archeological Survey of the Long Pond Ironworks, West Milford Township, Passaic County, New Jersey by Edward S. Rutsch and Brian H. Morrell

Vermont's 18th- and 19th-Century Blast Furnace Remains by Victor R. Rolando

A Revolution in Steel: Mass Production in Pennsylvania, 1867-1901 by William Sisson

The Development of Modern Blast Furnace Practice: The Monongahela Valley Furnaces of the Carnegie Steel Company, 1872-1913 by Joel Sabadasz

Men and Tongs: The Belgian Rod Mill at the Washburn Wire Company, East Providence, Rhode Island by Thomas E. Leary

Unearthing Business History: Can Archeology Provide Evidence for Interpreting Management Styles? by Edward F. Heite

Connecticut Iron and Steel from Black Sea Sands by Richard Sanders Allen

Vol. 19, No. 1 (1993)

Out of Print

The Page Belting Company: A Study of 19th-Century Power Transmission Belting Manufacturing by Dennis E. Howe

National Styles in Engineering: The Case of the 19th-Century Suspension Bridge by Emory L. Kemp

Elephant under Glass: The Piano Key Bleach House of Deep River, Connecticut by David H. Shayt

Documenting the History of an Industrial City: The Brown Company Photograph Collection of Berlin, New Hampshire by William L. Taylor

Theme Issue, Cast and Wrought-Iron Bridges
The Introduction of Cast and Wrought Iron in Bridge Building by Emory L. Kemp

Surviving Cast- and Wrought-Iron Bridges in America by Eric DeLony

Cast Aside: The First Cast-Iron Bridge in the United States by Frances C. Robb

Bridges and Boilers: Americans Discover the Wrought-Iron Tubular Bowstnng Bridge by David A. Simmons

Theme Issue, IA in New Hampshire
An Introduction to New Hampshire Industrial Archeology by David R. Starbuck

Small-Scale Brickmaking in New Hampshire by James L. Garvin

Documenting Laconia's Knitting Mills: A Comparison of the Belknap Mills Corporation and Two Present -Day Knitting Mills by Mary Rose Boswell

The Granite Quarries of Rattlesnake Hill: The Concord, New Hampshire, "Gold Mine" by Donna-Belle Garvin

The Mills and Machinery of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company of Manchester, New Hampshire by John Mayer

The Abbot-Downing Company and the Concord Coach by Sherry Wilding-White

The Mill Village on Goose Creek: Harrisville, New Hampshire by Roberta Wingerson

The Cog Railway on Mount Washington by David R. Starbuck

The Maintenance of New Hampshire's First Polyphase Hydroelectric Station by Dennis E. Howe

The Draper-Maynard Sporting Goods Company of Plymouth, New Hampshire, l840-1937 by Rodney Freeman and Katherine C. Donahue, with Eric Baxter, Patrick J. Collins, Marie Connell, and Steven Kantor

New Hampshire IA Sites on the National Register of Historic Places by Christine Fonda

Alphabetical Index of Volumes 1-20 by David R. Starbuck.

Canadian Aesthetics of Early Reinforced-Concrete Bridges by Steven A. Walton

From the Dolomites to Venice: Rafts and River Driving along the Piave River ia Italy (13th to 20th Centuries) by Mauro Agnoletti

Introduction of American Bridge Technology into New South Wales, Australia by Donald J. Fraser

The St. Clair Tunnel: A Triumph of Canadian Engineering by Charles K. Hyde

Vol. 21, No. 2 (1995)

Out of Print

Good Engineering, Poor Management: The Battle Creek Hydroelectric System and the Demise of the Northern California Power Company by Terry S. Reynolds

The River Was Wiser Than the Engineer: Adaptation and Innovation in Bridging the Missouri, 1867-69 by Louis W. Potts and George F. W. Hauck

The Machine and the Cottage: Building, Technology, and the Single-Family House, 1870-1910 by Herbert Gottfried

Material Evidence of Ironmaking Techniques by Robert B. Gordon

Theme Issue, Western Hydroelectricity
Dams and Hydroelectric Technology in the American West: A Different Model by Terry S. Reynolds

Uncivil Engineers: The Struggle for Control of Seattle's Early Water and Electric Utilities, 1890-1910 by Gray Fitzsimons

Inventions and Patents for the Public Good: The Needle-Valve Program of the Bureau of Reclamation by Jeffrey A. Hess

California's First High-Head Turbine Installation by James C. Williams

Vol. 22, No. 2 (1996)

Out of Print

Assembly-Line Architecture: Albert Kahn and the Evolution of the U.S. Auto Factory, 1905-1940 by Charles K. Hyde

Aesthetics of a Modern Industry: Buildings of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad's Scranton Yards by Amy Slaton

Archeological Perspectives on the Diffusion of Technology: An Example from the Ohio Trap Rock Mine Site by David B. Landon and Timothy A. Tumberg

Documenting Complexity: The Historic American Engineering Record and America's Technological History
Perfecting the "Iron Lung": Making the New Window Glass Technology Work by Richard 0' Connor

Fertilizers to the Front: HAER and U.S. Nitrate Plant No.2 by Brian F. Coffey

Electricity on the High Iron: Cos Cob Powers the New Haven Railroad by Robert C. Stewart

Drawing Conclusions: Recording IA Sites through Measured and Interpretive Drawings by Thomas M. Behrens, Todd A. Croteau, Dean Herrin, Dana L. Lockett, and Christopher H. Marston

"The Continuous Clatter": Practical Field Riveting by David A. Simmons

The Turcot Riveted Arch-Truss Bridge by Robert W. Passfield

Biographical Note: Johann Wilhelm Schwedler (1823-94) by Michael Mende

Theme Issue; Green Engineering: Parks & Promenades in the Industrial Community
A Mechanic in the Garden: Landscape Design in Industrial Rhode Island by Richard Greenwood

Greenways in the Industrial City: Parks and Promenades along the Lowell Canals by Patrick M. Malone and Charles A. Parrott

Plats, Parks, Playgrounds, and Plants: Warren H. Manning's Landscape Designs for the Mining Districts of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, 1899-1932 by Arnold R. Alanen and Lynn Bjorkman

The National Bridge and Iron Works and the Original Parker Truss by Victor C. Darnell

The 19th-Century Iron Bridges of Northeast Scotland: Their Past, Present, and Future by Thomas Day

The Technological Evolution of Riveting Machines by Bruno Jacomy

Theme Issue: The Historic American Engineering Record (HAER)
HAER and the Recording of Technological Heritage: Reflections on 30 Years' Work by Eric DeLony

HAER Recording Projects Conducted by the Washington Office 1969-98 by Eric DeLony

Moving beyond the Factory Gates: The Industrial Archaeology of New Jersey's Terra Cotta Industry by Richard Veit

When Machines Became Gray and Drawings Black and White: William Sellers and the Rationalization of Mechanical Engineering by John K. Brown

CONFERENCE PAPERS: "Whither Industrial Archeology?" (Lowell, Massachusetts 1998)
Mercenary Historians? Life in the Private-Sector Trenches by Charlene K. Roise

Condos, Photos, and Singing Bridges: IA in the State Historic Preservation Offices by Richard E. Greenwood

Industrial Archaeology in Canada: A Binocular View by Christopher Andreae and John D. Light

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